Bury your toes in the soft white sand while watching soothing waves lap the Mombasa shoreline. The aquamarine water of the Indian Ocean stretches as far as the eye can see, meeting the baby blue sky on the horizon. A lovely cocktail refreshes your spirit like the breeze in the swaying palm trees. The seasides of Mombasa melt away your every concern and rejuvenate your body, soul and mind.

We specializes in beach and island tours on the North and South Coasts of Mombasa. We help you find the perfect getaway whether you seek water sports, utmost seclusion or proximity to well-known landmarks. We recommend the North Coast beaches of Mombasa to our guests who want to be closer to the central district island of Mombasa and prefer popular seashore settings with large resorts and hotels.

The four north beaches – Nyali, Bamburi, Shanzu and Kikambala, offer an array of pastimes, both water and land-based, including golf, tennis, snorkeling, squash, diving, fishing and other sports. Families appreciate the affordable accommodations of the North Coast. Quiet seclusion and immersion in a beachfront heaven perfectly describes the South Coast of Mombasa. While the North Coast Nyali bridge access draws thousands of visitors, access to the South Coast is limited to air and ferry so visitor levels are much lower.

In some distinct zones, you can practically have the long stretches of sandy seafronts to yourself and a few like-minded guests. The picturesque setting plays host to premier accommodations like Alfajiri Villas (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have stayed here) that make you feel absolutely pampered. Diani Beach, although well-known, still offers a sense of calming tranquility compared to the masses at Bamburi Beach on the North Coast.

The Indian Ocean lies just at your feet inviting you to skim along its surface while water-skiing, windsurfing and sailing are available in the deep. More serene aquatic experiences are found just below the surface. You are constantly entertained, enchanted and intrigued by the many colorful and energetic marine species that dart in and out of bizarre coral formations. Should you desire the utmost oceanic adventure vacation in Kenya,we  can arrange deep sea fishing around Mombasa.

The North and South Coast are a world-class destination for amateur, experienced and professional anglers who seek the challenge of reeling in some of the ocean’s largest fish. Yellowfin tuna, marlin, kingfish, sailfish, swordfish, wahoo and many other feisty species await your skill and willingness to engage in a frantic battle of endurance. The South Coast also offers lesser known beaches, including Msambweni, Galu, Tiwi, Shimoni and Shelly.

If your ideal East African seashore holiday includes fantasies of a remote island, Mombasa has just the place for you! Two islands – Chale and Funzi, are perfect escapes and havens from the high-pace action-adventure of your wilderness safaris in Kenya. Chale Island is a preferred secluded location away from the shore crowds of Diani Beach and also used a fine diving and snorkeling base. The reef offers both shallow and deeper experiences, and you may even see a whale shark.

The island also offers areas that are perfect for inland excursions. Even more spectacular isolated beaches and soft blue ocean awaits you at Funzi Island. The island is noted for turtle species, as well as access to diving and snorkeling trips to Kisite Marine Park, sailing, fishing, ocean kayaking, canoeing and more! The tidal sandbank opposite Funzi Keys is an unsung paradise. No matter how you envision your seaside travel in Kenya, the beaches of Mombasa exceed your every expectation.