About Kenya

Kenya is a country that is named after Mount Kenya at the highest point of 5,199 m which is the second highest mountain found in Africa. The government type of Kenya is the republic type and Kenya is a former British colony. 

The Kenyan flag comprises of three different colors which includes Black symbolizing the majority population, red the blood that was lost during the struggle for freedom, the red band which is edged in white and green, a large shield of the Masai warrior covering the crossed spears in the center standing for the defense of freedom, the green symbolizing the natural wealth and then white symbolizing peace. 

Jomo KENYATTA is an icon President and Liberator who struggled and led Kenya to independence in 1963 till1978. President Daniel Arap MOI took over power from Kenyatta and the country was constitutional into one-party state Kenya African National Union (KANU) starting from 1969 until 1982. 

After the fair, free and peaceful elections, President MOI stepped down for Mwai KIBAKI in December 2002 for the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) till now. In December 2007, the reelections brought charges of rigging the elections from ODM candidate who is Raila ODINGA which sparked off the two months violence leading to deaths of over 1,500 people. Power sharing was introduced by the UN-Sponsored links in that ODINGA and President Kibaki shared power. 


Kenya is found in East Africa, bordering Uganda of 933 km in the West, surrounded by the Indian Ocean at 536 Km where the Central highlands rises from the Low plains, Ethiopia at 861 km in the North, Sudan 232 km in the North West and Somalia 682 Km in North East.  

Geographically Kenya coordinates 1 00 N, 38 00 E and she is the 47th Largest Country with an area of 224,961 square miles of approximately (582,646 km²). The Central highlands are divided by the Great Rift Valley with a fertile plateau which is in the east with waters covering 11,227 sq km.  


Kenya’s climate varies from the arid in the interior to the tropical along the coast. At the coast the weather is both humid and hot; it’s too dry in the northeastern parts   and in the north of Kenya and also temperate inland. Kenya receives a lot of rains in the months of March and May, then moderate rains in October and November. Besides those months, the temperatures remain high throughout the other months.